From WiFi hot spots to real time video feeds, the nature of WiFi/WLAN is constantly changing to suit new evolving networks.

Wireless Solutions offer a range of antennas that cover 2.4GH, 5.8GHz or dual band 2.4/5.8GHz.

As an example, WiFi deployments may benefit from additional antennas to extend coverage area beyond the range provided by the default access point antennas. Solutions may include external high gain antennas for large area deployments or a network of ceiling-mount and wall-mount antennas for In-building WiFi deployments.

As well as providing antenna solutions for hotspots, Wireless Solutions can also offer antenna options for fixed site monitoring in industrial and commercial networks and in vehicle solutions for public transport and emergency services.
For other wireless applications that combine WiFi with LTE, GPS and MiMo, our multiband antennas are a great choice to minimise the antennas used and in turn simplify installs.